HandMadeForLife exists to sell handcrafted wooden items in support of pro-life ministries in the Philadelphia area.

I supply all the materials and labor at my own expense. Prices run from $5 to $25. All proceeds from sales at churches will go directly to the church for distribution to the pro-life ministry of their choice. To arrange a sale at your church or pro-life organization, contact me at mikebranhut@hotmail.com.

Ministries wh have supported:
Pro-Life Union
Guiding Star Maternity Home
Holy Family Home for the Elderly Poor
The Cenacle
Maternity BVM St. Vincent DePaul Society

2024 Sales Scheduled So Far
Nov. 23 & 24 - St. Matthew's
Dec. 1 & 2 - St. Cecelia's
Dec. 7 & 8 - Maternity BVM

About HandMadeForLife.org

My name is Mike. I've been a woodworker since I was 12, when I built my first guitar from a book. Since then I've built toys, boats, cradles, a clavichord, and a log cabin.

I've always loved Christmas, so when I became a Christian I wanted my own tree. But the only ornaments I could find were snowmen and Santa Claus, which seemed to be missing the point. I began making wooden nativity-themed ornaments and selling them at churches here in NE Philly for the last few years, donating the proceeds to local crisis pregnancy centers.

I've had successful sales at Maternity BVM, St. Matthew's, St. Katherine of Sienna, St. Cecelia, and St. Dominic's; all in NE Philadelphia. Any church or pro-life organization willing to have an in-person sale, please give me a shout.

Every penny collected is turned over to the church for distribution to the pro-life ministry of their choice.

If you have any suggestions you can contact me here. And share this site with others.